InstaXtreme APK 20 Download Latest Version 2023 ( Updated )

Many people want to download Instagram videos and images to upload on their other social platforms like facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc . Unfortunately, they don’t know how they can download media files such as ranges, videos, and IGTV from Instagram. So for those people, today is am going to tell you about InstaXtreme APK, which can help you to download any media without using any third-party application. You will find details on this app. Still, in short words, InstaXtreme APK is a modified version of Instagram used to download videos, photos and more and comes with excellent features. Read more below about InstaXtreme APK 20 Download Latest Version 2023 updated

Official website for InstaXtreme APK 20 Download Latest Version 2022. Many people use this to download Instagram videos and images

Instagram mods are very popular these days because they can give people upcoming features in any other application. InstaXtreme APK is also a modified application that allows you to use its Cool features that the official developer of Instagram doesn’t offer. The latest version of InstaXtreme APK also provided an opportunity for other developers so they could give users a new look. This article will teach you how to download the latest version of InstaXtreme APK 20 and detailed information about its features.

What is InstaXtreme APK 20?

As you know, InstaXtreme APK is a modified version of instaMOD InstaXtreme APK is also a clone app used to download media files from Instagram. With these features, you can find many additional features that you can’t be found in any other modified application. Especially on Instagram, you can only get limited features, and all of the features are old. Many users of Instagram want to use extra amazing features that you can only find in InstaXtreme APK. Still, if you don’t want to skip using Instagram, you don’t need to worry because you can use InstaXtreme APK as a secondary account on Instagram.

Modified application trend is going on the next level in 2023 that why many professional developers are creating popular applications like InstaXtreme APK, which can download media content of any type on their original quality, you will never lose your video quality again it can do a lot more to improve user experience to the next level day by day InstaXtreme APK is adding more features because technology is unstoppable and developing new things almost there are thousands of downloading the application are available on play store, but you can’t download photos and videos.

Version Info

Version20 beta 6
Size35 MB
Last updated1 day ago

Instagram Vs InstaXtreme APK 20, which is best?

Instagram is the most popular social media application that billions of people use. Everyone according to a report, 26% of people is on this world are using Instagram. By seeing this, you will know how popular that application is. The user can share these moments worldwide, but sadly they can’t download their media content for offline viewing. That’s why millions of people are now using installed applications.

InstaXtreme APK is the clone version of instaMOD and a modified version of Instagram. This application was developed by third-party developer krogon500 application is designed to give users downloading media access and features they can’t see in the original Instagram app. Don’t compare this application to GB install because officials can’t ban accounts on this application. You can also use InstaXtreme APK as a secondary Instagram application.

InstaXtreme APK 20 details information

This application is based on instaMOD. You can easily use a second account on the same android device. If you love themes and customization features such as changing icons, layout, and other settings, then InstaXtreme APK is the best option; below, you can see some informational details on the chart.

Many applications are using Ads, but these ads can disturb users. You will be happy to know that InstaXtreme APK is completely ads-free now. Get rid of unwanted promotions made by internet marketers for using this feature. You don’t need to purchase any monthly subscription plan. This application is 100% free to use 35 MB is the size of an APK. You don’t need any extra space to install this application lowest space devices can easily use this application without any issue.

InstaXtreme APK 20 Key Features:

  • Inbuilt Unfollowing Tracker
  • Download media files
  • Triple Tap to Download Media.
  • Hide stories from others
  • Never Lose Media Quality
  • Disable Story View
  • Download IGTV
  • In-built Translator
  • In-app browser
  • Share image URL
  • Dark Mode Enabled
  • Beautiful themes
  • Copy comments
  • Advertisement free
  • Disable autoplay videos
  • Download expires messages
  • Hide live view
  • Ghost mods
  • Privacy features

Download Media Files

InstaXtreme APK is primarily known for its downloading features. This application allows you full access to downloading media files such as videos, audio and images, IGTV, and more.

Stop Video Autoplay

Using this feature no, you can disable the autoplay of any video. You also know that many videos are automatically played when you open Instagram. By using this feature, you can stop video autoplay. This can help many users because many people use limited data, so checking this feature can save your MBs from burning

Copy User’s Biography

Now copy your favourite superstar or celebrity profile BIO without using Instagram on PC because on mobile, you can copy any profile BIO, but InstaXtreme APK gives you access to copy any profile biography easily.

Never Lose Media Quality

Sometimes when you use third-party applications to download Instagram media, then their quality is decreased, but now you never lose any video quality again by using InstaXtreme APK without using any third-party application from the play store.

Advance Features

Now you can zoom any photo with a long tap. Select languages for translation, two line message box in DM, enable in-app browser, on or off double tap to like on images. Disable shopping advertisements in search, don’t mark messages as read, and more features are waiting for you to install the application from this page and see more features.

Work On The Lowest Device

The policies of Facebook parent company META are updated. That’s why they are restricting some devices from using their products because of the lowest operating system, but now this problem will be solved in InstaXtreme APK. You can use this application on Android 4.0 or above operating systems smoothly without any problem or issue.

Unfollow Notifications

This feature is exciting because sometimes people see their Instagram profile, and their followers are decreased, but they don’t know which followers unfollow them. In InstaXtreme APK, you can get notified when you get unfollowed by someone. This feature can be helpful for beginners that test new accounts on Instagram.

Some applications are using google ads to eat some extra income, but by doing this, users can be disturbed very badly because they can see ads with each click. They make the application. The good thing about InstaXtreme APK is 100% ADS free, and you don’t need to purchase any premium plan to use these features. Just install it and use it. It’s totally easy and free to use.

Download Expires Media

Now by using InstaXtreme APK, you can download expired media files such as audio, videos, and images IGTV is included. Why sometimes do friends use the 24-hour disappear messages feature using? If you can’t see your friend’s message in 24 hours, the message will go, but if you are using InstaXtreme APK, then you will see expired messages and now expired media will be lost again.

App Lock

Without using any third-party application now, you can place a lock on your InstaXtreme APK with multiple options like a finger, pattern, and pin. You can also ass a lock on a specific profile and messages on your profile so no one can see your private chart on Instagram.

Use Multiple Accounts

This application will allow you to use multiple accounts on the same device, but the first time you need to uninstall Instagram before using InstaXtreme APK. After installing it, you can use it as a secondary application on the same device.

Remove Ads From Stories

Many content creators are making stories, and that’s why you can see too many ads on stories that can also impact bad user experience. Still, in InstaXtreme APK, you can block story ads and now see any Instagram stories without any ads.

Hide Your Last Seen

Some people don’t want to show their online status, so if you are from those people categories, then using this feature, you can hide your last seen, and nobody will realize that you are online. The most beneficial part is you can read other people’s messages without knowing them.

In-app Browser

This feature is for those who want to download other related media from a third-party browser now, and you don’t need to search on chrome. Using InstaXtreme APK will give you access to many hiding features, such as you can now browse every search on InstaXtreme APK without going to any browser search download and using it easy and simple.

Hide View Ghost Mode

If you see any of your favourite celebrities’ live streams, you can easily put them on ghost mode. It can help you by hiding your live view on streaming. By seeing this, the streamer will not know which people are watching their stream, which is a cool feature for a new generation.

Disable Seen

By using these features, you can hide or disable seen option. Instagram users also know that when they view or see any video or images, then every user can see which people watched or seen these videos or images, but if you check this option, then every view you make has been disabled, and no one can’t see you view their image.

Dark Mode Enabled

The dark mode is the best theme for those people that are using Instagram at night because if you use your mobile at night, then the blue light coming from your mobile will affect your eyes badly and using dark mode can prevent these types of light and your eyes will be healthy and this is the best features in InstaXtreme APK.

Inbuilt Translator

If you don’t know about any language or any other language, but you want to see messages and posts in your specific language, then now it could be very easy without using any third-party application. Only using InstaXtreme APK inbuilt translator copy the text you want to translate and then you can see many option languages select and your done that’s it.

NOTE: We are not the developers of this application, and we don’t modify this APK. Some people using the modified application can seriously affect your Instagram account, and sometimes the account will be suspended and deleted. That has been true in the past, but a friend now is 2023.

Every problem has a solution, and using InstaXtreme APK. You don’t need to worry because this application uses inbuilt anti-ban features. This feature is only used by the modified application that can help you to protect your account from getting banned, and also, it can provide your account with some extra security.

Download InstaXtreme APK v20 Latest Version 2024

  1. Enable Installation from Unknown Sources: First things first, you need to allow your device to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Head to your phone’s settings, find the ‘Security’ or ‘Privacy’ settings, and toggle on ‘Unknown Sources’. But hey, be cautious – this makes your device more vulnerable to potentially harmful apps.
  2. Download the APK File: Next up, you need to download the InstaXtreme APK file. You can find this on various websites, but be careful! Stick to reliable sources to avoid downloading any nasty stuff like malware. A quick search on a trusted tech forum or website should point you in the right direction.

How to Install InstaXtreme APK on Android?

  1. Find and Install the APK File: After downloading, pull down the notification bar on your phone and tap on the downloaded file, or find it using a file manager app. Tap on the APK file to start the installation process. Your phone might ask for confirmation since it’s an app from an unknown source. Tap ‘Install’ to proceed.
  2. Open and Log In: With the installation complete, open InstaXtreme just like you would any other app. It’s going to look a lot like Instagram (because, well, it basically is), but with some extra features. Log in with your usual Instagram details, or set up a new account if you prefer.
  3. Explore the Extra Features: You’re all set! Now you can explore all those additional features that InstaXtreme offers. Maybe it’s downloading content directly or some cool privacy settings.


How to Download Images from Instagram?

Step 1.First, choose the image you want to copy or download.

Step 2.Then click or tap on 3 dots on the icon.


Step 3. After that, you need to click the extra options, and you can see many options, including the download option.

Step 4. To download or save an image, click or tap on the downloading option and you can easily download any image.

How to Download IGTV Videos?

Step 1. Select the video that you wants to download.

Step 2. Then go to the top right corner and mow click on 3 dots.


Step 3. After clicking on the 3 dots you can see many option but you need to click on the downloading option.

Step 4. After clicking on downloading option, you will see that video will be downloaded easily.


What Is InstaXtreme APK 20?

InstaXtreme 20 APK is a fully modified version of Instagram. This application was developed by a professional developer, ” korogon500 ” Its updated version 20 Bet 6 has some powerful features that can’t find in any other modified applications, especially Instagram.

How To Download InstaXtreme APK 20?

You can find a download button available on our website. Click on it, and the latest version of InstaXtreme APK is downloaded on your phone’s excellent account and use it.

Popular Features Of InstaXtreme APK 20?

InstaXtreme APK gives you access to download media files such as audio, videos, and IGTV. You can also disable last-seen hide stories from others’ dark mode features.


InstaXtreme APK 20 is the best option for you. Suppose you want to use some cool features with full media downloading access. Then InstaXtreme APK is the best choice for you. If you are already using the old version of this application, then go to InstaXtreme APK settings and tap on an update. The application will be updated automatically, but for some cause, if you don’t find any update option, then delete the old version and download the latest upgraded version of InstaXtreme APK from our website. InstaXtreme APK 20 Download Latest Version

Suppose you want to save your favourite superstar images. In that case, you can find many hidden features you can see when you use this modified version to stay updated on every application’s upcoming version. I request you subscribe to our website’s push notification service so you can get an update on every article or review about the modified application we published on this website. We hope you like this article. If yes, then kindly share it with your friends and family. InstaXtreme APK 20 Download Latest Version 2023 For Android.

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