GB Instagram APK Download 5.3 Latest Version 2023 ( Official )

Do you know that many modified applications are available on the internet that can change how social media platforms are used? You know that Instagram is a popular social media messaging and media sharing application all over the world. Almost everyone uses the Instagram app to share their stories with their friends or all over the world. Still, on Instagram, one of the most irritating things is this application can’t be allowed users to download their media files so they can view them offline. Still, today I am going to share the best-modified application that can be very helpful for you to solve all of the issues. GB Instagram APK Download latest verson.
GB Instagram APK is the completely modified version of Instagram, GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2022 ( Official )
By using GB Instagram APK in 2023, you can download any media files such as audio, video, images, and IGTV media files so you can quickly view them in the offline file manager. There are almost many fake applications on the play store that will download Instagram and other social media platforms’ data for you but for doing this.
You need to install some third-party applications, and whether the process will work or not, nobody will say. Sometimes this type of application will access your data and if you don’t trust these third-party applications, then install the latest version of GB Instagram APK to download media files. This is the best-modified version for all Android devices.

What is GB Instagram APK?

GB Instagram APK is the completely modified version of Instagram, and the perfect combination of other Insta MOD Apps Atnaf Hoak has designed this popular APK. As I told you before, the main purpose of this application is to give users access to use the features which can be available in the original Instagram apps. You can download any media files, including stories, in one click without using any third-party applications. This mod app has some specific features. Through this app, customization features are still available in GB Instagram APK, so if you love to use this application, then you can find the download link on this page, but before downloading the GB Instagram APK, also know about its unique unlocked features.
If you are confused about which modified application is best for you, then GB Instagram APK is the best choice. Instagram is mainly known as its image and video sharing platform because millions of people share their snaps with the world but do you know that you can’t save or download Instagram images?
The only way you can download it is to take a screenshot of the whole page and then crop the image. By doing this process, the quality of your image has been decree to almost -70%, and the result you would not like. Still, if you are using the latest version of GB Instagram APK, you can download images, videos, stories, and anything from Instagram.Thousands of downloader applications are available on the play store, but GB Instagram APK is the best. You don’t realize it, but when you use it, you will give it a 5-star rating to GB Instagram APK. Also, this version is developed by a professional developer (Atanfas Hoak). This man has also designed and developed the most popular modified app in the communication field GB WhatsApp APK.
You all know very well about the GB WhatsApp application. GB Instagram APK has the most advanced features of all time. You can see the details on each feature, and you don’t need to uninstall the original Instagram for using GB Instagram APK. You can easily use multiple accounts on the same device.
GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2023:

GB Instagram APK Details Information

APP NameGBInstagram
Compatible with Android Version4.3+
Total Downloads1,000,000,000+
APP Size38 MB
Provided ByInstanderapk.Net
Last Updated1 day ago

Now you can change the Theme Conversations screen and conversion, customize all of the interfaces and change it to the look you like. Downloading media is the main priority of this application, but after downloading the GB Instagram APK, you can also explore more hidden features. You can also see some essential information about GB’s Instagram APK below in the chart.
With the popularity of this application, millions of users are now serving time on GB Instagram APK daily because ute custom colors features are eye-catching, and it also makes your profile looks fantastic and amazing. The most amazing thing about this application is it can smoothly work on 4.1 or above Android version operating systems, and the size of the GB Instagram APK file is 38.9MB, so if you want to use this application, you don’t need any additional storage it can work smoothly on every low hand device.

GB Instagram APK Key Features

  • Download media files
  • External player supported
  • Use multiple accounts
  • Customize appearance
  • No root required
  • Inbuilt multiple languages 
  • Translate Comments in any language
  • Now you can hide view stories
  • Allow Users to Copy BIO
  • Unfollow notification alert
  • Customize the interface
  • Disable left or right drag in the app
  • Fix errors while loading themes
  • Allow Users to Copy Comments
  • Able to Zoom In/Out for photos
  • Play Audio with Video Automatically

Download Media Files

The main feature of this application is to give access to users so they can download media files, like images, audio, and IGTV videos, so they can save and view in the offline storage. That is why because GB Instagram APK has inbuilt multimedia downloading features in the GB version, now it’s very easy to save the file in your phone storage as well there is no need to install any third-party application.
For downloading, media files, just simply click on the three dots by selecting any media file you need to download, and then you can download it easily.

External Player Supported

There are almost many cool features available in this application, but the external player is the advanced feature you can’t see in any of the other mod applications if your original Instagram does not make visible the media player to its users or doesn’t give you access to use any third party player then don’t worry GB Instagram APK is the solution of your all problems now you can select your external player for media playing.
For Example: if you are using an MX media player, then open GB Instagram APK select any video, click on their dots, and then see the list of players that you are running, select one and play videos in Full HD quality.

Use Multiple Accounts

The other modified problem eye you use on your device, you need to delete the original version before installing the specific application. Still, GB Instagram APK allows you to use both accounts’ modified + original applications on the same device without any issue.

Unfollow Notification Alert

Remember, when someone follows you on Instagram, you can get a notification that this user will follow or message you. Still, when someone unfollows us, we don’t get any notification. That’s why many people will lose their followers, but GB Instagram APK has some unique feature that will notify you when someone unfollows you.

Allow User To Copy Bio

Many people want to copy their biography, or you can say the main text is visible on the other user profile, but unfortunately, you can’t copy them. If you need to copy it, you want to use the Instagram desktop version, but GB Instagram APK allows you to copy anyone’s BIo and comments without logging in to the desktop version.

Now You Can Hide View Stories

Sometimes many people want to hide their views so no one can see their visibility, but in the original Instagram, you can’t find any option like that. On the other side, GB’s Instagram APK allows you to hide the views of the stories that you visit, and by this, you can also use other people’s stories without knowing them.

Customize Appearance

Many people are bored with using the Instagram application because of their oldest colors, and no upgraded features are added, but on the other side, GB Instagram APK is giving you customization features that can help you to change the look and add some color changes as you want and design your GB Instagram APK like professional.

No Root Required 

Now you don’t need to root your devices because some people root their mobiles to use all of the features of other applications and games. Still, unfortunately, GB Instagram APK has already modified the application, and all its features are unlocked. Just install and use it.

Inbuilt Multiple Languages

Sometimes many people can face problems while they are seeing their friend’s messages on Instagram because many people don’t understand the English language or other languages, so in that case, they need google translate. This process can take a long time. See, this GB Instagram APK gives you inbuilt translate features now. You can use translate by just copying the text, and you get a collection of languages, select one and use it.
Note: Some people are saying that if you download the modified version and use it on any device, then this will highly affect your account and case permanent banning of your Instagram account from officials, but for your kind information GB Instagram APK is a modified application that are using the inbuilt anti-ban features. This option will help you protect your account from restrictions and provide your account and extra security software is no chance that your account will be restricted by using GB Instagram APK.

Download GB Instagram APK

I hope you have already checked the features of GB Instagram APK. This mod is going to be called the best mod application in the future, and now if you want to download the latest version of GB Instagram APK, then below you can find the download button. Click on it, but before installing it, go to your mobile setting security tab and tap on the unknown source. Allow the permission. This will help to download the apps from third-party sources. After doing that, follow the below steps to complete the installation process.

  • Allow unknown source option
  • Click on the download button
  • Open file manager
  • Open download folder
  • Install GB Instagram APK file

After doing all of these steps now, the latest version of GB Instagram APK is now downloaded and installed on your device. For now, add your phone number and account but if you want to sign in from Facebook, then, first of all, install the Facebook app and then sign from Facebook directly. This is a popular application developed by (Atnaf Haoak). So you don’t need to worry about the details and features that are in the process of installing the application. Now enjoy the awesome features of GB Instagram APK.


What is GB Instagram APK?

GB Instagram APK is the fully modified version of Instagram developed by the professional developer (Atafas Hoak), also known as the publisher of GB WhatsApp APK. You can easily see the full details on our website.

How to download GB Instagram APK?

You can easily download the latest version of GB Instagram APK from our website by clicking the download button and following the instructions to complete the installation process.

How to update GB Instagram APK?

If you are already using the oldest version of GB Instagram APK, then upgrade to the latest version and download the updated GB Instagram APK from our website.


Every modified lover will love this application for those who are using GB WhatsApp and need to use the latest version of GB Instagram APK. You also know the same developers develop these two applications, so their popularity is higher than other Instagram alternatives. I hope you won’t have difficulty downloading GB Instagram APK on your android device. If your mobile is already running the oldest version of GB Instagram APK, click on the application’s three dots and tap on an update. If you don’t see that application uninstall the old one and install the latest version from our website.

On this website, you can also find many other Instagram alternatives. You can also download more apps like these from here. If you are a new user, I request you subscribe to the bell push notification service to notify you of every upcoming update. If you like this article, then share it with your friends.