Instander APK 17.2 Download Latest Version for Android (2023)

What is Instander APK?

Instander APK is the completely modified version of Instagram developed by the professional developer Therese. The purpose of creating this application is to give people some extra features, especially those features that users can’t use in the original Instagram application Instander APK is a modified application that contains some extra features for its users, but there is no big difference between the performance of these two applications the original app is also good, but some of its limited features can’t give a good user experience. Download here Instander APK v17.2

Therefore Instander Apk offers their users to download images, videos, IGTV core other people’s stories without knowing them, and much more privacy features. This application is the fully modified version of Instagram; that’s why the number of features is unlimited. However, Instander APK provides the best quality features instead of Instagram lets know the details information on Instander APK features and some other important information.
Is Instander APK better than Instagram

For your kind information Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram is the product of the META company, that’s why time by time, you can get additional features Companies are working on this, but this modified application like Instander APK is developed by professionals that are why upcoming features are already available in this application you can find all of the extras which user can’t access In the Instagram app.

Instander APK is an inbuilt modified application, so you don’t need to root your device because people root devices to use extra features on applications, but Instander APK is already modified. Users can quickly become a creator and earn money by using this application y seeing all of these features, one decides Instander APK is better than the Instagram application.

GB Instagram APK is the completely modified version of Instagram, GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2022 ( Official )

Instander APK Complete Information:

The modified Instander APK is the best choice for those who want to use amazing features on Instagram. This application is the same as Instagram, but its features are the latest and amazing. Instead of Instagram, you can see some important information below in the chart.

Size54 MB
Updated onJanuary 14, 2023

Download Instander 17.2

Instander APK is the best tool application that helps you to download Instagram stories, videos, pictures, and much more 54MB is the total size of this application, so if you have the lowest storage device the not a problem. Just install the application and use it. You can also give your lovely feedback in the comment section about this application.

What is the Difference Between Clone & UnClone?

You need to remember that both of these mobile applications were developed by the same developer. Therefore their features are common. The only difference between these two packages is their names, which enables us to install both versions of the Instagram app on a single Android device.

Clone: is a standalone programme that can be installed on Android devices only. It has the package name and comes with that name. In Clone Features, we can Install many features of the same application.

Unclone: has the package name com. insta, and for it to produce successful results, the original version of Instagram must be removed before using this.

Instander APK Key Features:

  • Become a creator
  • Get verify badge
  • Download media files
  • Extra privacy features
  • Download Ingram reels
  • Follow celebrities
  • Make close friends
  • Ghost mode
  • Save stories in the archive
  • Replies
  • Post stories
  • No Ads
  • Free Downloading
  • Make close friends
  • Download Instagram stories

Get Verify Badge:

For those people who apply for badges and are rejected from Instagram, then by using Instander APK, you don’t need to wait for certain followers. And their policy about verified badges, you can quickly get check badges on your Instander APK profile, and also, the people who are using this application can see your check badge on the side of your profile. You can give credit and donate something to developers by their amazing features application.

No Advertisement:

Some developers are using google ADs on their application to earn some extra revenue, but by doing this, the user who is using APK can be disturbed by ADS on every click, but there are no issues like this you can face in Instander APK because it ADS free and user friendly.

Ghost Mode:

This is the most powerful feature of Instander APK, especially for those people that want to hide their personal information from other people. The second benefit of using this feature is you can see other people’s stories, profile information, and much more, and if you want to hide your profile or stories from specific people, then you can do that by using the ghost mode features of Instander APK.

Download Media Files:

This application will allow you to download images, videos, and stories of other people without using any third-party application. It is the inbuilt feature of Instander APK, and the user of Instagram also know that they can’t download any media file from the original Instagram, but our problem is solved by Instander APK media features.

Enable or Disable Replies:

Now you can get full access to your Instander APK profile. You can control which people message you or not as per your convenience. If you don’t want any messages from Anonymous people, fans, and followers, then you can use these features and disable this option if you want

Save Stories in the Archive:

You also know that when someone uploads stories on Instagram, then in 24 hours, it will disappear, but now you can’t lose any stories because, in the latest version of Instander APK, you can save your stories on archive files you don’t lose your stories if you don’t give the space then this feature still help you a lot.

Search Button:

The search in Instander APK can help you to find new people and celebrities and also have two options verified or diversified. You can search for the account you want. In this way, you can find new friends which you can follow to see their latest videos, images, and upcoming posts.

Make Close Friends:

Now you can create a list of all of your friends on Instagram. Make a list of close friends on this platform in case you missed any friends. By using the search button, you can add more, and you can’t forget any close friends again. Your stories also had a specific number of propels rather than all friends, so with the help of close friends list, your story will be seen by close friends, and an anonymous person can’t see any stories on your profile.

Share Posts and Stories:

You can easily share stories and add new posts because Instander APK is an application similar to Instagram, but there are some features that are latest. That’s why using these features, you can post any video or image on IGTV, or you can easily live to stream your video. You can easily share stories and posts of other people right on your stories and also tag other people

Free Downloading:

This app allows you to download any image or video post you want. You don’t want to pay any charges for using these features because it’s 100% free to use without using any third-party applications. You can use features; however, many apps are available on the play store that can help you to disable Instagram video, but you can lose video quality; “Instander APK has their inbuilt downloading features that kind be very helpful for you.

Become a Creator:

Everyone knows that on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can earn money if you are a content creator. Still, this feature is available in Instander APK. If you can make videos and entertain people with your skill, then you can become a creator in Instander APK. This feature can help you to earn a handsome income from your content videos, and if you live stream on Instagram, then your revenue will be doubled in Instander APK.

Follow Celebrities and Influencers:

Every people have their own loved celebrities, which they follow in their life routine or on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s why if you love any celebrities, they easily search the name and follow on Instander APK with your verified badges. You can also see much more features.

Hide liked Posts:

You also know that when someone like an Instagram image, then you can see their names by clicking on the like button, and people can easily see which people you are following, but if you want to give all of your information, then this feature can help you to hide liked posts example if you like any image then no one can see that which image you like or not you can also get more privacy features install to see it.

NOTE: If you are a MOD application lover, then you also know that these types of applications can’t be found on the play store because it’s not officially by the META company. Third-party developers created this allocation just for features, but still, you can download this application from Google, and if you want, you don’t need to go anywhere below. You can find the download button. Just click on it, and after downloading the application, use it. read more About It

How to download the latest version of Instander APK in 2023

Instagram is the most popular social media app almost one billion+ user are downloaded and used this application on their mobiles every one knows Instagram but do you know about the most powerful Instagram alternatives where you can get verify badge without following Instagram badge requirements and much more amazing features, do you want to download images, videos, reels IGTV, or want to copy the bio content then Instander APK is the best choice of you if you are a social media activist.
If you want to get an easy solution for downloading Instagram videos, then Instander APK is best for you. Also, know that Instagram is leading the biggest social media network all over the world. There are almost 1.21 billion monthly active users on Instagram, but you can’t download any video or image on Instagram. Also, you can find limited features, but when we talk about Instander APK, then we see a lot of potential in this APK. Ghost mode is the main feature of Instander APK. Let’s know about the Instander APK, how to download the latest version, and details on the features of Instander APK.

Download the latest version of Instander APK

If you want to download the latest version of Instander APK, then below you can find the download link button. Just click on it, and the file will be automatically downloaded to your file manager, following the steps to complete the installation process.

  • Click on the download button.
  • Open file manager
  • Open the download folder.
  • Install the Instander APK file

After doing all these steps, the latest version of Instander APK is now downloaded and successfully installed on your device. Now create your account and use this application-modified interface, or download any media from Instagram by using Instander APK.

How to Install Instander APK v17.2 on Android?

  • Go to our website download page and tap/click on the green download button.
  • You need to wait a few moments to download it. After downloading then, go to the File Manager and open it there.
  • After opening it, look for the APK file for Instander.
  • Click on the APK file once you’ve found it.
  • You need to keep in mind that If you’ve never done this kind of installation before, then go to the Android security settings and turn on the option to allow apps from unknown sources.
  • Go back to where you want to save this APK file, install the Instander APK file successfully on your Android device, and enjoy its awesome features.
  • Now please open it, and if you have already signed up, you need to log in or sign up with your details if you are a new user.
  • After following all the above steps, go to your profile and select custom settings as you want.


What is Instander APK 17.2?

Instander APK is the full modified version of Instagram developers designed this application to provide users with some extra features that can’t be found in the original Instagram. Almost millions of people are using this application.

What is the main feature of Instander APK 17.2 ?

Verify badge, ghost mode, and become a creator is the main feature of this application because if you want to get a verification badge, then without any requirement, you can get an Instagram badge on Instander APK.

Is Instander APK better than Instagram?

By using and seeing its features, many users give 5star reviews, and seeing its features, we found Instander APK is somehow better than the original Instagram by its features.


Instander APK has some features which make them better than Instagram. This application is better and cool. It allows you to use it among features, and for those people who want a verification badge on their Instagram profile, Instander APK is a great choice for you. When you use this application, you can forget Instagram for a while. You can download this application quickly by just clicking the download button mentioned on our website the latest version is updated.
If you are using the old version, then uninstall and download the updated version from our website for new users; we published many modified applications on this website so if you are an APK lover, then make sure to subscribe to the push notification service or our website so you can be updated on every post and in last if you like this article then share it.

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